The Problem of Sedentary Behaviour in the Office Workspace: A Structured Exercise Program for Primary Prevention


Occupations that require employees to remain seated for extended periods of time are continually becoming more pervasive in today’s workforce. Those who perform office/desk work are sitting on average 8-12 hours/day during work days, and 7-9.5 hours/day on days off. These trends are particularly worrisome considering higher prevalence for conditions such as metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, obesity, deep vein thrombosis, and cardiovascular disease have been linked with habitual sedentary behaviour. The aim of this study is to briefly review pertinent research literature demonstrating the relationship between prolonged physical immobilization and the risks it has on health. Then we propose a solution in the form of a structured physical activity program. The exercises outlined in the physical activity program are supported by current research literature, do not require equipment, and can be smoothly integrated into daily routine without changing out of office attire. Implementing these exercises into daily life is designed to break up extended bouts of sitting and in turn mitigate participant’s risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, and deep vein thrombosis. In addition to reducing these health risks individuals can also experience an increased mobility of the neck, shoulder, and scapula with continued participation.